Protecting Your Privacy And Reputation

Being infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or sexually transmitted infection (STI) can have a significant physical, emotional and financial impact on your life. If a sexual partner gave you an STD after failing to disclose it, you may be able to bring a legal claim for compensation to cover your medical expenses, future health care needs and emotional distress.

However, many people hesitate to seek legal help because of the stigma associated with the disease. You may worry that your name will be released, or that people will view you differently.

If you have concerns about your privacy or reputation after a partner failed to disclose an STD, we encourage you to contact us. We have handled many cases like yours and helped others in your position get the justice they deserved while protecting their privacy. We can do the same for you.

This Is A Private Matter. We'll Help You Keep It That Way.

As your attorneys, we are bound by law to maintain your confidentiality. In addition, we have handled many cases like yours and we know how to minimize the impact a diagnosis will have on your personal and professional life.

In most cases involving the wrongful transmission of an STD, it is in both parties’ best interests to settle the matter out of court to preserve their privacy. Usually, this keeps both names out of the public record and allows you to inform any loved ones in your own way, on your own time.

However, even if it becomes necessary to take your case to court, experienced lawyers can help you minimize your exposure to the public eye. Often, we can file your case anonymously, using “John Doe” or another placeholder to protect your identity — as we did in a $5 million STD case a few years ago.

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