Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Knowingly failing to disclose an STD to a partner is against the law, and victims deserve justice. If you were infected without your knowledge by a negligent partner, our lawyers can help you pursue compensation for your medical expenses and personal losses.

Finding out that you have been infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or infection (STI) feels shocking, surreal and, for many, terrifying. Fortunately, medical treatment for STDs has come a long way. A diagnosis with HIV/AIDS or Herpes I or II is manageable, but it can still have lasting repercussions for your life. At Levine & Blit LLP, our attorneys preserve dignity and justice for people who have been unlawfully infected with STDs and STIs.

Just as you rely on a medical professional to protect your physical health, you should consider speaking with a legal professional who can help you take appropriate action for the financial and emotional ramifications of an STD.

Can I Sue Someone Who Gave Me An STD?

In many states, it is against the law to willfully fail to disclose an STD with a sexual partner. In addition to potential criminal charges, victims can often bring civil claims. While the opposition will usually settle quickly in an attempt to keep the matter quiet, it is sometimes necessary to bring a lawsuit to enforce your legal rights.

Many of our clients wonder whether it is possible to prove what happened in these cases. Using medical testing, document discovery and investigation, we will paint a clear picture of what the opposition knew, what they disclosed and when the transmission occurred. We have succeeded in many similar cases — including a $5 million judgment secured for a client infected with herpes.

In addition to worrying about their health, many of our clients are concerned about how others will view them after being infected with an STD. Learn more about protecting your reputation while pursuing justice for the negligent transmission of an STD. All consultations are confidential, so please do not hesitate to contact our firm with questions.

After You Talk To Your Doctor, Talk To Us

Levine & Blit LLP is not a run-of-the-mill personal injury law firm. Our lawyers do not crank out settlements for fender benders or slip-and-fall cases. We focus our injury practice solely on helping victims of unlawful STD infection protect their rights.

To learn what we can do for you, please contact us. We’ll evaluate your case over the phone and determine whether an initial consultation is appropriate. For assistance all over California, please call our office in Los Angeles at (310) 281-0100.



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