Los Angeles Employment Lawyers Negotiating Fairer Settlement Agreements

Any severance agreement presented by your employer was written to protect their interests, not yours. Don't sign it without talking to a lawyer. Our attorneys can often negotiate for a better separation agreement, including more compensation.

A termination or layoff from your job is stressful. In addition to feelings of rejection or loss, parting ways with your employer often presents new financial concerns. When you are accustomed to a certain salary, there may be tremendous pressure to secure a new source of income as quickly as possible.

In this situation, a severance or separation agreement from your employer may seem like a welcome windfall. However, even an agreement that seems generous may have unforeseen consequences for your future. If you have been presented with a severance agreement to sign, do not put pen to paper until you have discussed it with an experienced employment lawyer.

At Levine & Blit LLP, we help executives and employees throughout California negotiate fair and favorable severance agreements. We encourage you to contact us if you have any concerns about a separation agreement or other contract with your employer.

Your Employer's Attorney Drafted That Agreement. Shouldn't Yours Look It Over?

Remember, that contract would not be presented to you if it were not in the company’s best interest. Severance agreements are drafted by an employer’s attorneys to ensure the separation is legally and financially beneficial to your employer. Because they are legal documents, these agreements often contain highly technical language that can have lasting implications.

There are several ways that severance agreements can be unfair to employees and executives:

  • Offering insufficient severance pay
  • Restricting you from competing against your former employer or soliciting/hiring its clients or employees
  • Requiring you to sign a release of future claims against the employer, which may not be in your best interests
  • Including severe penalties should you breach any terms of the contract
  • Including terms that affect your ability to collect unemployment income
  • Failing to account for outstanding money or benefits you are owed, including bonuses, unpaid vacation time or insurance benefits

Don't Sign Anything Without Talking To A Lawyer

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The only way to protect yourself against these risks is to review your severance agreement with a lawyer of your own. Our respected, knowledgeable employment law attorneys have reviewed countless severance agreements and helped many workers negotiate fair and sustainable contracts with their former employers. To learn how we can help you, please fill out our contact form or call (310) 281-0100.



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